Brian Ginsburg

A Computer Science student at Portland State University and a QA tester at FREDAsoft.


03 Jan 2017 » javascript, webaudio, xenharmonic

Hebdomad is a retunable keyboard with sound synthesis controls. It uses the Web Audio API and can be played in most web browsers. Try hebdomad here.


I developed hebdomad as an easy way to experiment with alternate tuning systems. The world of microtuning and xenharmonic music is intriguing to many musicians, but it can be challenging to get started. Hebdomad provides tuning presets for quick exploration and a custom panel for arbitrary retuning.

Hebdomad is built with JavaScript, jQuery, and the excellent envelope-generator. The source code is available on my GitHub page.

Thank you to everyone who helped me test and document hebdomad. A special thank you to Jacky Ligon for his advice on tuning, sound synthesis and instrument design.