At The Moment

I study Computer Science full-time at Portland State University, and I am seeking a software development or engineering internship.

PCC Sylvania Environmental Center

I worked at the PCC Sylvania Environmental Center as an outreach coordinator and assistant from 2014-2016. My work included event coordination, managing and editing an email newsletter, and grant writing and administration.


The Environmental Center newsletter covers sustainability activities on campus and in the Portland Metro area. I edited and wrote for the newsletter, and also developed a style guide and templates in Mailchimp.

The Year-End edition, reflects accomplishments during the 2014-15 academic year. Another fun sample of the newsletter is the April Fool's day edition.


I wrote and administered two grants in my time at the Environmental Center. The Composting Grant piloted composting in the PCC Sylvania cafeteria. The goal was to reduce the amount of food scraps going to landfill. We kept our message simple: Food Only. If you can eat it, you can compost it.

The composting initiative was a great success. Over the seven-week pilot period, we averaged a 5.6% contamination rate:

The Worm Bin grant established a sustainable environment for worms in the PCC Sylvania Learning Garden composting bin. We studied temperature, moisture and carbon dioxide conditions in the worm bin, and then moderated these conditions to optimize our vermiculture.