Brian Ginsburg

A Computer Science student at Portland State University and a QA tester at FREDAsoft.

Moon Flask

19 Dec 2015 » python

Moon Flask was my first web project – a simple content management system. Since that time, I have become versed in the ways of static site generators. My first post, and project, are preserved here for posterity.

Moon Flask is a simple portfolio web application I built with Flask. This website runs on Moon Flask.

Moon Flask comes with an about page, a contact page, and more pages can be added as desired. Each additional page is composed of a header and posts. The posts are modular and may contain a title, a body, and an image or an embed. A page can be built from these pieces as needed.

For each page, navigation links are automatically added throughout the website. The user also has a set of social icons which appear at the bottom of each custom page and the contact page.

Here is the Moon Flask data model:

Moon Flask data model

The source code for Moon Flask and instructions for trying it out are on my GitHub page.